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If you think your group has particularly interesting or exciting insights into electorate based democracy that you’d like to share with the other attendees, would you like to make a 10 minute Video or live (on Zoom) presentation on this? Time and space limitations may mean not everyone will be able to presen

Would you like to be considered for a 10 minute presentation

We are looking at two types of invited presentations:

  • a poster (3 minute video, a A4 one page pdf or 3 slide PowerPoint) telling everyone something about your group:
  • What are the outcomes your group seeks?
  • Who is your group and what are they doing?
  • What have you learnt so far?
  • What barriers have you found and how have you surmounted them?
  • What are your group’s next steps?

If you are to be a presenter please complete the Presenter Registration Form