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Preview presentations, posters and other material

Sessions and presentations are collected into four Learning Streams. These reflect the themes that are emerging in the community / electorate based democracy landscape.

Engaging your Communities

Helping your MP work for you

Tools and Apps: watch politics & your MP

Replace your unresponsive MP



Program and recordings of Saturday 6th November and Sunday 7th November weekend sessions

Saturday 6 November

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DemFest21 Opening plenary

9 to 930 - DemFest21 Opening plenary

Video of opening plenary.

Saturday Session: 930 - 1030

Panel & Audience conversation: Tools for watching politics and MPs

Roslyn Fuller - Solonian Institute report

Thor Prohaska - Vote Wrap and the Dickson Representatives

Evan Predavec - Political Gadgets

Marcus Crowley - Beat Josh

Video of the session can be watched here.

Saturday Session: 1100 - 1130

Panel & Audience conversation: Engaging communities in local electorate democracy practice

Key findings from the 2019 'People In' events, Tim Hollo

During the 2019 election campaign, Tim Hollo ran a series of public meetings called "People In", facilitating deliberative conversations about what the Canberra community would like from their MP as a true representative of the community. In this session, Tim will present the key findings of these sessions, and update them in the context of the pandemic.

Watch the video of the session here.

Saturday Session: 1pm - 2pm

Renewing democracy with democratic lotteries with Sonia Randhawa - alas cancelled. Sonia apologised for not being able to make it.

Instead Petra Cram presented on CAPaD's an experience of a citizens jury using deliberation as an informing process, followed by an open discussion on sortition / random selection as a method of selecting representatives in a Westminster political system. Watch the first part of the session here.

Thor Prohaska presented some commercial-in-confidence material which was not recorded.

The conversation continued into the afternoon. The second part of the session is recorded here.

Sunday 7 November

Opening Sunday plenary: 9-930

Opening Sunday plenary video

Brief reflections on yesterday's sessions.

Possibilities for a new public good, Millie Rooney, Australia reMADE

The video recording is here.

Sunday Session: 1100 - 1200

Relating to our MPs

Glenn Cummings - proACT. Aiming for a community representative in the Senate. What has been learnt.

Rob Salter - How Active Democracy Australia plans to encourage and assist Australians to form electorate action groups in their federal electorates so they can be better represented and through this improve Australian democracy.

Craig Blakley - Voteeasy: making it easier for voters and candidates to connect when it’s time to vote.

Anna Bateman - The Local Party Tasmania

Nardine Alnemr & Selen Ercan - Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance Canberra University on the Connecting to Parliament trials

Video of the session here.

Sunday Session: 130pm - 230pm

Helping your MP work for you

Petra Cram - CAPaD's experience with assessing Citizens Juries.

Emily Jenke, DemocracyCo - Supporting representative democracy through local citizen deliberation - A concept to improve community participation in democracies.

Polly Cameron, NewDemocracy Foundation - Change Politics campaign

Session video here.

230pm - 3pm - DemFest21 Closing plenary

What have we learnt? Where to next?


Planning discussion: where to take the pathways document?