2021 focus: growing electorate action in Australia

  • To connect active Australian electorate groups and people involved in them (who are creating democracy in their own electorates), so they can share what they are doing, their insights and strategies in order to inform others, and to learn from what others are doing.
  • To provide a safe place for sharing and learning.
  • To get a sense of who the players are and what they are doing / to give people involved in the electorate based democracy movement the chance to see themselves and what they are doing and to connect to each other.
  • To create a clearinghouse of knowledge and experience of these groups in inspire and inform others who want to get involved.
  • To open the opportunity to build a community of practice about creating locally relevant and vibrant electorate-based democracy.


Who for?
is a call out to local people building democracy in their own electorates to serve their communitys needs.

Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy (CAPaD) invites everyone involved in this movement for electoratebased democracy across Australia to be able to share what is happening locally and by learning from our collective experience, become more powerful.

we are interested in you sharing: What outcomes do you seek locally? What have you learnt so far? What barriers have you found? How have you surmounted them? What are you doing that is working well? What are your next steps?


Please see the Invitation Page for details.

The videos and posters will be uploaded to our web platform in the week before the DemFest so participants can look at them. There will be opportunity in the program for groups to in involved in Q&A sessions to answer questions about their poster presentations. We will ask participants to indicate in the week prior to November 6th if they would like to ask your group a question.

To attend, please fill in the Attendee Registration Form

To register a presentation, please fill in the Presenter Submission Form.


There is so much we can do together!