Pathways to a representative democracy

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  1. Graham Henstridge
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    Wonderful ideas, but largely ignore realities in the electorate. Unfortunately, most folks that vote are disengaged except at the most superficial level. At that level, vague perceptions swing the votes. The current PM is a skilled perception manipulator, as is much of the fact ignoring press.

    As much as I dislike the idea, we need a charismatic figure with appropriate beliefs to bubble to the surface and capture peoples imagination, show vision, and seriously the level of engagement.

    Please add me to your mailing list if you have one!

    • Peter Tait
      | Reply

      g’day Graham,
      I have added you to our mailing list.
      This document is a thought experiment looking at the stages of a representative process. Good to have your feedback.
      What we are trying to do is reimagine how the representative process might work so that it delivers for the public good; that may entail suspending belief while alternatives are explored so we can create them.

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